Tilla Lindig

Tilla owns a Master in Fashion Design Management of the Domus Academy in Milan.

Since she grew up in a family of fashion retail it seemed natural to open her very first own fashion and life-style store in Munich, Germany in 1999. Soon her own exclusive designs took over the business and she purely concentrated on her own designs. When she relocated to London, five years later, she operated from her home and a petit store in Notting Hill, soon as a mother of three. There, she became famous for her colourfully patched and beaded kids coats and customised fabric bags and suitcases firstly before her grown up collection was fully reborn. Working experiences at Benetton, Armani and Dior and setting up shops for her parents luxury fashion business, Tilla gained the feeling for the highest quality in luxury goods and best of customer service. Sitting at a sewing machine since the age of six, the natural feeling for classic luxury fashion with a unique twist is no surprise.

In 2014 she was named the most talented fashion designer abroad by the biggest fashion and lifestyle magazine publisher, back home in Germany.

After an especially creative year in Los Angeles, Tilla restructured her business and opened her townhouse on 117, Walton Street in 2018 where she renovated the interior of her beautiful shop, grand office and pretty atelier above, in her unique, outstanding way.

The brand itself, stands for the highest quality and much needed sustainability ever since and represents slow fashion at the very best even before the global awareness started. Our products are soley produced in Germany and Great Britain.

Luxury Family Affair has his headquarter on Walton Street and operates in London, Paris and Bavaria. Tilla supports young artists and designers from her family office.

In an open letter to fashion finance and fashion media industry she promotes for uniqueness in the fashion business and for support of proper creativity and handcraft within.